Activity Ideas

Softball Activity Ideas

There is no doubt softball has many therapeutic advantages for Recreation Therapists and their participants. Softball activities encourage physical activity, gross motor skills, social skills, teamwork, sportsmanship, decision making, and… Guess Who?

Leisure Guess Who?

Introduction Working in an acute residential setting, many clients come and go without learning much about each other. Sometimes a sudden boost of intakes brings many strangers together at once…. Meditation: Caregiver Self-Care

Practicing Meditation: Caregiver Self-Care

I felt it necessary, with Meditation Month closing–okay, I am a few days late with this– to write one more article about the importance of meditation. As a caregiver, practicing… Day Activity Ideas

Memorial Day Activity Ideas

For us Midwesterners, the cold, dreary weather of January often have us fantasizing about the easy days of summer. Memorial Day is finally here. The official, unofficial start of summer… Bathing: Nature as Therapy

Forest Bathing: Nature as Therapy

Spending time in nature provides a respite from the everyday pressures of life. Natural areas bring opportunities for a sense of perspective and peace. It is no surprise more and…

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