Therapy: Movies as Therapy

Cinema Therapy: Movies as Therapy

  People love watching movies. In 2016, the global box office revenue was about 38 billion dollars according to By 2020, the annual revenue is expected to reach 50… Benefits Ads

Leisure Benefits Ads

Introduction When teaching the importance of leisure, it is imperative our participants learn the benefits gained from their free time decisions. This leisure education activity uses a hands-on approach to… Sauce as a Therapeutic Activity

Barbecue Sauce as a Therapeutic Activity

Barbecue sauce as a therapeutic intervention? Who else but a Recreation Therapist could pull off something like this? Making homemade barbecue sauce is a relatively easy process with countless variations…. as a Therapeutic Intervention

Journaling as a Therapeutic Intervention

Journaling is an excellent activity for your participants to grow greater self-awareness and encourage creative expression. It is a deeply personal activity that has no set rules or techniques. By… Horticulture Activities

Simple Horticulture Activities

Too often individuals with disabilities and those in residential facilities get limited opportunities to interact with nature. This is unfortunate because a connection with the natural world offers many health…

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