Need More Therapy Games?

My first book, Therapy Games for Teens, is coming out September 15, 2020. Before we talk about that, let me ask you…

How do you find new activity ideas for your groups and individual sessions? 

  • Scrolling through search results? 
  • Sifting through Pinterest? 
  • Using that same outdated book that’s been in your office for years?
  • Trying to throw something together at the last minute?

Feels like you’re looking for a needle in a haystack sometimes…right? Who has time for that?

Even when you find an activity that could work, you may not have the materials or you’re led to a website offering an expensive curriculum. 

More disappointment. More time wasted.

Ready to save yourself the headaches?

Let’s Make Things Easier

Want an affordable way to have 150 engaging activities to address issues like depression, anxiety, communication, stress, trauma, and grief? 

Therapy Games for Teens is the opportunity to EXPAND your RT toolbox with materials you already have available. Find an appropriate activity and get your group started!

As a Recreation Therapist for over 19 years, I know how busy things get. Other duties often interfere with activity planning. There were plenty of moments where I had to think quickly to find engaging activities for a group.

I’m not going to lie. I had my fair share of successes and failures while running therapy groups. It was certainly a valuable learning experience.

But does everyone have to learn the hard way? Honestly, learning to run successful therapy groups requires some experience–and probably a few uncomfortable moments. But when you have good resources and advice, the learning curve is LESS STRESSFUL. 

I had the opportunity to create a book I WISHED I had when I was starting out. Writing a book for busy RTs, Activity Professionals, parents, and caregivers certainly seemed like a way to give back and “pass the torch” of knowledge to others passionate about helping others.

How Therapy Games for Teens Helps You

Ready for engaging ways to help your participants start the discussion on the tough topics they’re facing everyday?

These are difficult times. Teens (and others) are dealing with some pretty unique circumstances that seemed unfathomable just a year ago. Social isolation, ever-changing norms, missing out on recreation opportunities, and anxiety about the future presents new challenges for already vulnerable populations.

While you may not be able to solve all their problems, you can start the important conversations leading towards better mental health. 

Therapy Games for Teens offers 150 practical, useful activity ideas geared towards improving mental health. No expensive curriculums or supplies. In fact, many of these therapy games use readily available materials you could find in your office or supply closet. 

All the activities are organized by common subjects found in most treatment plans–mindfulness, depression, anger management, self-esteem etc.

The therapy games are presented in a simple recipe-like format. Find the activity you want, gather the materials (if any), and START THERAPY.

image of therapy games for teens example pageTherapy Games for Teens takes it a step further…

As any seasoned RT knows, activities are just a piece of a successful therapy group. It’s the “ah-ha” moments during the debriefing period that can shift perspectives and lead to true CHANGE.

The activities in this book include open-ended discussion questions you can use to start the important conversations to connect the activity to real life applications. 

And there’s more…

As I mentioned earlier, I practiced Recreation Therapy for almost 20 years. I ran a lot of groups. I discovered what works. And…well, what I wished I could do better. 

Each activity also includes a couple Pro Tips to help your groups go a little more smoothly.  Oh, and be sure to check out my blog for tips, advice, and activities ideas. 

Is Therapy Games for Teens Just for Therapists?

A main goal of this book was to give valuable, engaging activity ideas for anyone in the position to help with teen and adolescent mental health. This includes Recreation Therapists, Counselors, Caregivers, and (of course) Parents.

In fact, the Discussion Questions and Pro Tips are designed to help those who don’t have as much experience turning activities into therapy.

This book and your sincere devotion for helping others can be the catalyst of change for a struggling teen.

Can This Book Help Other Populations?

The issues addressed in Therapy Games for Teens can certainly apply to a variety of populations. In fact, many of the activity ideas would be appropriate without any major adaptations. 

Recreation Therapists are flexible professionals. They take ideas and make it work. Do those you serve need a some extra help with:

  • Mindfulness
  • Self-Esteem
  • Communication
  • Stress
  • Anger
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Bullying
  • Trauma
  • Grief

If yes, then you will find some valuable, therapeutic activities ideas in this book. 

image of happy teensMake a Small Investment to Facilitate Big Changes

These are tough times. Even without all the uncertainty in the world, those in the RT profession usually have tight budgets. 

Get the ideas you need for your participants at a price you can afford. The paperback version of Therapy Games for Teens is only $16.99. That’s less than 12 cents an activity! If you want the Kindle version, you’ll save even more.

Take the stress out of planning activities and get a copy today.

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