TRRT Updates & Recreation Therapy Book Announcement

I hope you are all doing well. I want to give you a few updates on the future of the TRRT website and announce the launch of a recreation therapy book I wrote. 

But first…

How Are You Coping?

As we rang in the new decade what seems like ages ago, we probably had much different ideas about what the future would bring. Nobody expected that 2020 would take such a dramatic turn. 

All our personal and professional lives have been significantly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. For many Recreation Therapists, the workplace is completely different–when they are lucky enough to have work. 

Frontline RTs are bravely carrying out their passion to ensure the quality of lives for those they serve. Your dedication and commitment certainly isn’t going unnoticed to the vulnerable populations you impact. 

These are hard times. Even with the strictest safety protocols, you’re probably dealing with the nagging fear of contracting COVID-19 and becoming ill or spreading it to the ones you love. 

Know this: even during your most challenging hours, your dedication makes the difference in others’ lives. And that’s why we got into the field in the first place.

When I started this website years ago, I envisioned it as a place where RTs could come together to support each other. Share knowledge and experiences. And, well, form a community.

I invite anyone in RT or other activity professions finding ways to adapt to the ever-changing world to drop me a line and share how they are coping. Write a post, share some ideas, or even vent. We’re in this together. Together, we can make the TRRT site a beacon for those struggling during these difficult times.

TRRT Updates

I usually keep my posts professional with articles and information useful to those practicing Recreation Therapy. 

As you may have noticed, it’s been awhile since I posted anything. Let’s go “behind the curtain” for a little bit.

As we all know, life gets busy. Creating content and articles for the TRRT website has always been a great source of joy. Using my RT experience to help others practicing recreation therapy was the reason I created this website. Anyone who uses the website probably notices there aren’t a bunch of annoying pop-up ads or other distractions making me a quick dollar. It’s basically a labor of love where I absorb all the expenses related to the site to maintain its integrity. 

That being said, my side-hustle–freelance writing–took a lot of my free time to help support my growing family (more on this in a bit). While I want to keep updating this site regularly with quality content, there are only so many nights you can work into the late hours and still function the next morning. 

No, I’m not abandoning the site by any means. Actually, I am restructuring some of my time to start posting more regularly. I feel it is incredibly important now more than ever to share recreation therapy related content so we all can learn to adapt to whatever “normal” is.

But a couple pretty major things happened to me in the first half of 2020 (aside from all the COVID-19 madness):

  • Writing a recreation therapy book.
  • The birth of my second son, Emry.

It’s been an interesting year to say the least.

Step “Behind the Curtain” for Another Minute

Emry was born on June 1st. He’s a healthy, calm baby that loves to eat. As many of you working in health care know, the whole hospital experience was surreal. Completely different from almost exactly 5 years ago when my first son was born. But I give credit to all the hospital staff–they were always supportive, caring, friendly, and ensuring the safety of everyone. 

picture of baby and older brother

These days, I get my late-night writing done between those cute (and sometimes urgent) cries for feedings or a diaper change. And, like any proud, sleep deprived father, I’ll have to include a baby picture.

Prior to Emry being born, I was approached to write a recreation therapy book providing activity ideas for struggling teens.

I found this to be an exciting opportunity to share my experiences. I worked with inner city at-risk teens for almost 10 years. As you can probably guess, I’ve had a fair share of activities that worked well and some that totally flopped. I loved the idea of creating a book I wish I had when I started working with these youth.

The writing process didn’t do much for my beauty sleep, but allowed me to examine what worked and what didn’t with the teens I served. After all was said and done, me and my amazing editorial team crafted 150 simple activity ideas targeting important issues like depression, anxiety, communication, bullying, and much more.

Therapy Games for Teens: 150 Activities to Improve Self-Esteem, Communication, and Coping Skills is now available for pre-order. The paperback version comes out September 15, 2020. 

Therapy Games for Teens Book Cover

Writing a recreation therapy book in the midst of a global pandemic, pregnant wife, and full-time work obligations is an experience I will never forget. That being said, I know this book will help RT practitioners as we adapt and progress the profession. 

So, even without COVID-19, a lot has been happening in 2020.

Looking and Moving Forward

As any seasoned Recreation Therapist knows, adaptation is key to success. The RT profession is in the midst of great changes. For some, group activities have become online experiences. Others need to adapt their activities to be socially distant and safe for vulnerable populations. 

And, sadly, some of the individuals that need our services the most are missing out on quality Recreation Therapy experiences. 

I’m in the planning process of creating some Leisure Education worksheets helping individuals cope with the COVID-19 pandemic. Once completed, I will be happy to share these with you for FREE on my website. 

And, if you are looking to expand your Recreation Therapy toolbox, you can pre-order my Therapy Games for Teens book. 

I will post more information on this book in the upcoming weeks. There may even be a chance for some to get a FREE advanced copy of this book in the TRRT Facebook Community–so keep an eye out. 

It’s my sincere hope you stay well and continue to do your best coping with all the changes that 2020 brought. Stay strong…We are all in this together.

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