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One of the many rewards of creating the TRRT blog is developing Recreation Therapy connections. It’s always great to find someone passionate about the field willing to share their thoughts and experiences to benefit others in the field. 

Recently, I connected with Chelsea Crockford, CTRS. She’s an extremely passionate new grad and professional looking to create new recreation therapy connections. Chelsea is doing the hard work to make sure others in the profession have an opportunity to share, discuss, and even vent.

Chelsea strives to make Recreation Therapy relevant in these modern times. She successfully uses technology and social media to make it happen. In fact, she started a 12-week series of Q&A’s that can be viewed live on her Instagram account on Wednesday evenings (more on this in a bit). 

I admire her dedication for creating recreation therapy connections. Now let’s hear from her…

Connect Through Leisure with…

picture of chelsea crockford on a pier by the lake

Chelsea Crockford, CTRS

The moment Recreation Therapy was explained to me at Concordia’s Open House (unknowingly by my future professor… thank you Robert Hopp!!), I was immediately passionate and an advocate of the field! 

As a new grad (2019 graduate of Concordia University) and emerging RT professional, I know support is CRUCIAL and sharing is caring! I don’t wish to keep my knowledge and passion to myself…the more people I can connect with through my passion, the merrier!  

What Being A Recreation Therapist Means to Me…

As I like to tell people who have no idea what Recreation Therapy is…start by picturing your favourite superhero. What do they use to help people?  

Now picture a Recreation Therapist. Recreation & leisure is what we use to help people. As a CTRS who works with adults with physical and cognitive disabilities, I use a systematic process by helping people improve or maintain their quality of life by doing what makes their soul sing

I show the endless possibilities of leisure activities, how all can be adapted to their abilities, and provide opportunities for community reintegration. I am also an advocate for inclusion and accessibility for all.

Connections Bring Meaning to Life

connect through leisure logo imageConnect Through Leisure was a journey I began in June this year that provided me a space for my advocacy and passion.

One of the first quotes I used on my page explains my intention: 

“Connection is why we’re here; it is what gives purpose and meaning to our lives.”

Brene Brown

This lays the foundation of my page where I wish to connect with other Recreation Therapists, new grads, or current RT students. And, of course, I want to connect with others–with or without disabilities–that wish to discover how Recreation Therapy can help build their gap in leisure, connection, and a better quality of life.   

I created a safe space for people to ask questions, share their knowledge, and dive into the field and the role an RT plays in peoples’ lives. 

I developed a 12-week series of Q&A’s with 12 different Rec Therapists who agreed to partake in this awesome series!!!  Most of these sessions will be live on my Instagram page with a few Q&A’s in the posts. The series (which is now in its first couple weeks), consists of a conversation with a Rec Therapist every Wednesday evening. My guests get to share their role in the field, how COVID-19 impacted them professionally and personally, their experience with a specialized clientele, and more! 

The goal with this series is for people to leave from the Q&A knowing about the role of an RT, how the work is implemented in the field, and the opportunities that exist as a clinician. It’s an excellent place to create some recreation therapy connections.

Thank you Chelsea!

I admire and appreciate the role Chelsea is taking to usher in a new generation of Recreation Therapists. She knows the importance of RT and is not afraid to share it.

Once again, if you want to connect with Chelsea you can visit her Facebook page, Connect Through Leisure. Also, check out her Instagram page to see the live feeds of her RT Q&A sessions on Wednesday Evenings and more! 

As a way to thank Chelsea for her guest post, I will be sending her free a copy of my new book, Therapy Games for Teens. The book has 150 activity ideas geared towards starting the important conversations about depression, anxiety, self-esteem, and communication. 

Need more ideas for your Recreation Therapy toolbox? Therapy Games for Teens offers simple, practical activities that can actually be adapted to most populations we serve. It’s the resource I wish I had when I started out as an RT–my main goal for creating this book. Plus, it’s a very affordable way to save time and energy looking for new activity ideas. 

Recreation Therapy Connections Are More Important Than Ever

We’re living in a very strange time. As RT professionals we need to make connections for support, advice, and new ideas. 

Are you interested in doing a guest post for the TRRT blog? No, you don’t have to be a writer. Just bring your passion, experience, and great ideas. We can work together to create something special to help others in the field. 

And, like Chelsea, I’ll send you a free copy of my book, Therapy Games for Teens. It’s your chance to get your name out there, help others in the profession, and get a little something extra for yourself.

Interested? Then contact me today. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

If writing isn’t your thing, you can still do your part to make Recreation Therapy connections. Share this post (or any other one you like) on social media and LET’S HEAR YOUR THOUGHTS AND COMMENT!

logo image of the real recreation therapist blogDon’t forget to like the Real Recreation Therapist Facebook page. Use Pinterest? Check out my Recreation Therapy board with pins from featured articles and other resources.

If you are looking to connect with other like-minded professionals consider joining the Real Recreation Therapist Facebook Group.

We’re all in this together. Let’s support each other!

Again, THANK YOU CHELSEA. Can’t wait to see how you will help the Recreation Therapy profession in the future!

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